Community Garden Plot

The City of Frederick Parks and Recreation Department maintains an area that residents can apply to use as a Community Garden space.  Willow Brook Park which has 17 plots. Each plot requires an application and costs $60.

 Please complete and submit the application following the instructions above. Maps of the community plot area can also be found.

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Community Garden Plot Rules

  • Willow Brook Park - located at 350 McClellan Drive in the Willow Brook subdivision off of Opossumtown Pike and currently has seventeen plots available.
  • Plots are approximately 25 feet by 50 feet each and cost $60 each per season (March-November). Once your plat has been inspected and your application approved, payment will be collected.
  • Maximum of two garden plots per applicant, if available.
  • Plots will be tilled annually in March (weather permitting), if requested at time of application, as long as plot is not fenced.
  • Plots are non-transferable and surrendered back to The City of Frederick.
  • Individual garden plots are to be used for growing fruits and/or vegetables for personal use only; not for commercial sales.
  • Plot holder is responsible for all maintenance and upkeep of their garden plot(s) and adjacent walkways. This includes, but is not limited to, cultivating, weeding and watering on a weekly basis.
  • No invasive plants are permitted. View a list of invasive plants.
  • No littering, dumping of garbage including any yard or garden plot waste. The Community Garden Plot Program is a carry in, carry out facility and is trash free.
  • No unauthorized expansion of your plot into the surrounding paths or encroaching on other plots is permitted.
  • No taking of fruits and/or vegetables from plots that are not yours.
  • Plots are subject to inspection by City staff at any time. Plots that become heavily weeded or are not regularly maintained will be considered in violation and will receive notification to bring their plot(s) into compliance within two weeks. If compliance is not reached, the plot(s) will be surrendered and all fees will be forfeited.
  • The City will not provide any gardening equipment.
  • Water may be hand carried from Tuscarora Creek.
  • This is a seasonal permit only. The application must be made by the beginning of each calendar year and plots will be inspected for cleanliness prior to application approval. Once you have been notified that your plot has passed inspection, the fee will be collected and the permit to obtain a plot for the upcoming season will be released.
  • Willow Brook Only - no vehicles may be driven over the bridge. This is for City maintenance and emergency vehicles only.
  • Park all motor vehicles in designated parking areas only. At no time will vehicles be allowed to park on the grass in any park.
  • There will be no alcohol in any city park. This is a City Ordinance and violators will be prosecuted.
  • Please abide by official park hours of dawn to 10 p.m.
  • No open burning is allowed.
  • Applicant is responsible for updating and maintaining current contact information for the plot/s on file with Office Manager of the City of Frederick Parks and Recreation Department - Email Sarah Stamper.

Revoking a User’s Permit

The City of Frederick reserves the right to revoke a user’s permit and/or refuse rental for any or all of the following:

  • Damage is done to the area
  • Failure to pay the rental fee when due
  • Rental patrons are not acting in an orderly manner
  • Users/Patrons repeatedly do not adhere to users’ responsibilities