There is much wisdom in the old adage Location, Location, Location. Whether leasing or buying a commercial space, where you choose to do business is an important decision.

Downtown Frederick at Dusk

Finding a Location

The City offers free site selection assistance through CoStar commercial property reports. These reports can be customized to show available City properties that meet size or business-specific requirements.

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What to Do Before Leasing

Prior to signing a lease, be sure to:

Consider an Incubator or Co-working Space

If you’re just starting out and not ready to a lease or purchase property - Frederick has an array of shared work-space opportunities across a diverse range of industries. These spaces offer affordable options, side-by-side a community of fellow entrepreneurs.

View an overview of Frederick's incubators, shared commercial kitchens, offices, and maker spaces.

Work from Home

The City regulates the operation of home-based businesses. Details on these regulations can be found online under the Land Management Code Article 8, Section 829 Home Occupations or by calling the City Planning Department at 301-600-1499.