Congratulations-- you’re in business! That is no small task, and you certainly should be proud of what you’ve already accomplished!

But, knowing entrepreneurs, you’re probably already thinking -- What’s next? How do I grow and make my business even more successful?

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Connect With Your Community

Develop Your Workforce

Whether you're looking to add your 1st employee or your 50th, finding and retaining employees is an integral and ongoing part of the success of any business. Workforce considerations should include area demographics, local wage trends, and availability of relevant training. It’s important to identify workforce requirements and develop job descriptions that will allow the organization to achieve short and long term goals.

Local Resources for Workforce Development:

Research Grants, Tax Credits, & Incentives

The City, County, and State offer countless other incentives to encourage private investment, façade and property improvements, job creation, workforce development, and energy-efficient practices.

Read our list to see which opportunities might be a good fit for your business.

Hone Your Business Skills

Never stop learning! Take advantage of Frederick’s many local educational opportunities.

Small Business Development Center - SBDC provides free and low cost assistance to small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. Explore classroom offerings - or - schedule a one-on-one counseling session. Call Frederick County Consultant Brandon Mason at 888-237-9007, ext. 5.

Score: Frederick - is a local business mentor group made up of volunteer experts across a range of industries that offer real life experience and advice. Find a mentor.

Competitive Edge Series - hosted by the Downtown Frederick Partnership, the Competitive Edge Series provides business owners with the tools they need to improve their business Find a workshop.