The Steering Committee will ensure the workgroups maximize employee and public involvement, collect meaningful data that provides a baseline on Frederick’s current assets and challenges, and identify short, mid, and long-term goals and actions for implementation to support innovation that will move Frederick forward.

SOAR Evaluation

Each workgroup will conduct a Strengths, Aspirations, Opportunities, and Results (SOAR) evaluation, which will focus on assessing the City’s current capabilities and create the framework for a future City Strategic Plan. When conducting a SOAR analysis, the basic questions to be answered are:

  1. What are our greatest strengths?
  2. What are our best opportunities?
  3. What is our preferred future?
  4. What are the measurable results that will tell us we’ve achieved that vision of the future?

Evaluations will encompass departments of City government, the mission and function of various City boards and commissions, and City intersections with community, business, and non-profit partners. They will identify the obstacles to near and long-term success and whether or not these challenges are budgetary, organizational, or staffing related.


The Steering Committee will ensure the Workgroups are enabled and empowered to conduct their work effectively. It will also identify those areas where implementation of this process was desired but not practical or feasible, and provide recommendations for future action to address these gaps.