Labor Relations Panel


The Labor Relations Panel will hear evidence and make written findings concerning grievances filed by the City of Frederick police officers.

 The members of the Labor Relations Panel are appointed as follows:

  • Janice Rockwell
  • Kate English
  • Jake Harne

Member Requirements

The list of citizens shall be compiled and maintained through public advertising and all citizens submitting a letter of interest and a resume shall be included on the list.

Each member of the panel shall be a City of Frederick resident, own property in the city or operate a business on his or her primary employment with a business located in the city and shall be a registered voter. Members' terms shall be for a two-year period.


If you are interested in applying for the Labor Relations Panel, please submit your resume and a letter of interest to Pam Stocksdale by emailing  or by sending it to:
Attn: Pam Stocksdale
City Hall
101 N Court Street
Frederick, MD 21701

Join the Panel

If you are interested in an appointment to a citizen board or commission, please complete the Commission Vacancy Application.

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