2020 Comprehensive Plan Progress

The Planning Commission is scheduled to review the draft plan at the August 17, 2020 Planning Commission workshop. You can view the plan by following this link: 2020 CompPlan Planning Commission Draft

8/17/2020 Workshop DraftPlanning Commission Workshop Redline Revision
Chapter 1: Introduction
Introduction Compared
Chapter 2: Land Use
Land Use Compared
Chapter 3: TransportationTransportation Compared
Chapter 4: Municipal GrowthMunicipal Growth Compared
Chapter 5: Water ResourcesWater Resources Compared
Chapter 6: Community Character and Urban DesignCommunity Character and Urban Design Compared
Chapter 7: Environmental SustainabilityEnvironmental Sustainability Compared
Chapter 8: Historic PreservationHistoric Preservation Compared
Chapter 9: HousingHousing Compared
Chapter 10: Economic DevelopmentEconomic Development Compared
Chapter 11: Parks and RecreationParks and Recreation Compared
Chapter 12: FiscalFiscal Compared
Chapter 13: Implementation
Implementation Compared

Special Workshop Documents reviewed 1/2020 – 6/2020

ChapterPlanning Commission Draft2020 Draft compared to 2010 adopted

Chapter 1: Introduction

Introduction Draft Doc

Introduction Compared Doc

Chapter 2: Land Use

Land Use Draft Doc
2010vs2020 land use Map

Land Use Compared Doc

Chapter 3: Transportation
Roadway Classification Map

Transportation Draft Doc
Road Classification List
Transportation Compared Doc

Chapter 4: Municipal Growth

Municipal Growth Draft DocMunicipal Growth Compared Doc

Chapter 5: Water Resources

Water Resources Draft Doc

Water Resources Compared Doc

Chapter 6: Community Character and Urban Design

Community Character and Urban Design Draft DocCommunity Character and Urban Design Compared Doc

Chapter 7: Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability Draft Doc

Environmental Sustainability Compared Doc

Chapter 8: Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation Draft Doc

Historic Preservation Compared Doc

Chapter 9: Housing

Housing Draft DocHousing Compared Doc

Chapter 10: Economic Development

Economic Development Draft DocEconomic Development Compared Doc

Chapter 11: Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Draft DocParks and Recreation Compared Doc

Chapter 12: Fiscal

Fiscal Draft Doc

Fiscal Compared Doc

Chapter 13: Implementation

Implementation Draft DocImplementation Compared Doc