Multi-Cultural Liaison Unit


The Frederick Police Department is deeply committed to working in partnership with our residents, businesses, and community organizations to creatively solve problems and ensure a safer city for all. It is FPD's goal to ensure fair and equitable policing for every resident. In order to accomplish this, FPD must continually look for positive, meaningful, and non-traditional ways to build trust with all segments of the Frederick community. To that end, the Frederick Police Department has established the Multicultural Liaison Unit, consisting of seven police officers and a supervisor of Victims Services to be assigned as liaisons to five communities:

African American Community

Asian American Community

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Community

Hispanic/Latino Community

LGBTQIA+ Community

This team works to bridge the gap between police and residents in their assigned community. Our goal is to increase trust in law enforcement, build relationships, reduce fear and ensure residents in these communities feel comfortable calling 911 to report crime.

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