Rock Creek Trail Improvement


This project will widen Rock Creek Trail from 4 feet to 10 feet; add lighting; improve sightlines; and revisit steep inclines so people on bike and on foot can safely pass one another and share the path.

Rock Creek Trail extends from Waterford Park in the east to the Fredericktowne Mall on the west, serving as both a recreational greenway and a critical transportation corridor for Frederick’s densest neighborhoods. While the segment in Waterford Park is wide enough for bicyclists and walkers to share the path, much of it is just 4 feet wide, too narrow for people to safely pass each other.

The city's Shared-Use Path Plan also calls for an extension of Rock Creek Trail to Rock Creek Drive. While not part of this project, the extension will only be able to proceed once the widening is complete.

The city has applied for an $80,000 State Recreational Trail grant to finish the preliminary designs and provide cost estimates. The state will be notifying grant award winners in September 2021.

Vital Details

Length: 1.8 miles
CIP: 380001


Currently, the Rock Creek Trail project is only at a concept phase. Once funding for a preliminary design is secure, the city will begin to conduct dedicated outreach and advance the project.

Conceptual planning is complete. First outreach hasn't begun.