East Street Redesign

A map highlighting East Street and the boundaries of the Redesign project.Project Introduction

The East Street Redesign is an effort to reexamine the whole of East Street, from North Market Street in the north to Monocacy Boulevard in the south. The City wants to know the following things:

  1. How does the road serve its users, businesses, and residents?
  2. How well does it do its jobs of supporting travel, hosting businesses, and being home to its residents?
  3. How could it do these things better?

At the end of the design process, including extensive public outreach, the community will have a better understanding of the corridor and a baseline design for its future that captures Frederick's spirit and vision.

Presentations, Videos, Documents

Process and Progress

This project has three distinct phases, each followed by soliciting feedback:

  1. Assessment of existing conditions
  2. Public Information Session and Survey (February 28; watch)
  3. Sketch concepts drafted
  4. Stakeholders meeting (March)
  5. Second stakeholders meeting (May)
  6. Final design concepts and recommendations
  7. Presentation to the Mayor & Board (August)

All steps are completed.

Vital Data

Total Cost: $60,000 (paid for by the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board's Transportation Alternatives Program)
Length: 2.2 miles
Lead Consultant: Kittelson & Associates