Engineering Department Covid-19 Update

The City of Frederick is committed to the health and safety of residents and our City workforce. To stay up to date on the City’s response, please visit the City’s Covid-19 page  or our social media channels.

Online Submissions

The City is pleased to now offer the public the ability to submit applications and plans to the Engineering department digitally at Payment of fees by credit card can now also be accepted online. Instructions can be found here.

Mission Statement

We protect the health, safety, and welfare of, and the public infrastructure serving the citizens of the City of Frederick through the provision of professional expertise within the following engineering disciplines:

  • Traffic and transportation engineering
  • Water and sewer utilities planning and engineering
  • Land development and construction
  • Floodplains, hydraulics and stormwater management
  • Surveying & mapping

Essential Services and  Functions (ESF)

Support for Planning and Building:In support of a sustainable planning and efficient building-permit process, provide engineering review and approval of development projects, site plans, improvement plans, engineering studies, land descriptions, public works agreements, certificates for adequate public facilities, building permits, and allocations of water or sewer capacity.

Maintain Infrastructure Models and Master Plans: To support the City in managing long-term growth, in collaboration with other departments, provide engineering expertise and support to establish and maintain infrastructure plans and models, such as the Comprehensive Plan, Water Master Plan, Sewer Master Plan, Watershed Management Plan, and water, sewer, stormwater capacity models.

Maintain Standards, Ordinances and Records:Update and maintain engineering and surveying standards, ordinances and essential records for public lands and infrastructure, including standard details and specifications, as-built records, the corporate boundary description, public right-of-way (ROW) lines, the erosion and sediment control ordinance, floodplain ordinance, the stormwater management ordinance, and the Adequate Public Facility Ordinance (APFO).

Issue Permits: In accordance with city codes and delegations of authority, review, approve and issue permits for certain activities, including grading, lane or sidewalk closures, installation of public infrastructure and dry utilities, easements, and connections to the public road, water and sewer system.

Plan, Design and Manage Projects: Plan, design, manage and support certain Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects, special grant projects, engineering studies and design efforts.

Manage Flood Mitigation and Environmental Programs: Manage programs and city compliance with certain State or Federal flood mitigation programs, stormwater and environmental permits, including the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), Maryland Dam safety requirements, and the NPDES permit for Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4).

Track Infrastructure Requirements, Needs and DeficienciesResearch Citizen complaints or regulatory compliance issues related to public infrastructure, including sidewalks, roads, traffic, bridges, parking, water, sewer, stormwater and dams. Support, track or maintain inventory of infrastructure needs and agreement requirements or approval provisions established to address those needs.

Manage and Develop Staff: Lead, motivate, manage, and develop staff to maintain professional expertise and continuously improve the delivery of efficient and effective services.

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