Inspection Contacts

  • Building  - Phone: 301-600-3819 or 6272
  • Plumbing - Phone: 301-600-3820 or 3821
  • Electrical  - Phone: 301-600-3822 or 3823
  • Fire - Phone: 301-600-3827 or 3839
  • Sewer TV  - Phone: 301-600-3820 or 3821  (Schedule 10 business days in advance) 

Inspection Requests / Applicant Calls

Call between the hours of 12:00 pm (the day prior) to 7:00 am the day you would like the inspection performed. 

  • For building, fire, plumbing, gas, electrical :   Voice mail may be left if the inspector is unavailable to take the call; however, be reminded that any voice mail for inspection may only be left between the designated times.
  • For Sewer TV lateral Inspection: (10 business days advance notice required):  When all site plan requirements are completed, the applicant shall call for an inspection. Please plan ahead – any deviation from the approved site plan may result in the need to have the site plan revised and resubmitted to the city for approval. Any sewer line found to be dirty (mud, gravel, obstructions, etc.) during the inspections process must be cleaned by the contractor prior to re-inspection. This will delay the inspection approval and the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy.

Required Information for Inspection Calls

  • Permit number (Please provide this information first when leaving any voice mail)
  • Name and phone number
  • Location of project (include street address, apartment number, unit number, and development or shopping center name)
  • Type of inspection requested

Time Frame for Inspection Requests

  • Morning or Afternoon Inspections: Based on the inspector’s expected route for the day, a morning or afternoon time frame will be given for the inspection. If a narrower time frame is requested by the applicant, the inspector will try to accommodate to the extent that his schedule and/or workload will allow.
  • Specific Time Requests: The applicant may request a specific time for an inspection. The inspector will try to accommodate as close to the requested time as possible, and to the extent the inspector’s schedule or workload will allow; recognizing there are times where the owner or his representative may have to meet the inspector to allow free and clear access to the site for the inspection.