Eyes & Ears

The Frederick Police Department is committed to providing the citizens of Frederick with superior law enforcement services. To accomplish this, we need your help. As a responsible citizen and/or property owner of the Frederick community, you can make a positive impact on our quality of life. When your eyes and ears detect suspicious activity, report it to the police for appropriate action. 

Make a Difference

Your call is the one that can make the difference! The Frederick Police cannot effectively fight crime without citizen cooperation and involvement. The Eyes and Ears program is designed to help the public report crimes or suspicious activities by telephone. Your call will be answered by a civilian dispatcher. Try to remain calm, speak clearly, and be patient. The dispatcher must collect important information from you and relay it to responding officers.

Constant Contact

The dispatcher is in constant radio contact with patrol units. If at any time during your call the phone sounds like it has been disconnected, stay on the line! The dispatch system blocks the phone line when transmitting to patrol officers. If deemed appropriate, as you complete your call an officer will be dispatched in response to your information. Upon his/her arrival, provide the officer with all pertinent information about the incident. 

This assists the officer and may lead to apprehending suspects and is obviously necessary for the safety of the officer and the public.

Explanation of Numbers & Email Contacts

  • Deaf TTY301-600-3000: Used by the hearing impaired for crime reporting.
  • Drug Enforcement Unit: 301-600-2246: Used to reach the Frederick Police Drug Unit to notify the department of suspicious drug activity and locations. You can remain anonymous.
  • Email Crime Tips: Used for reporting crimes that are not in progress anonymously. You can remain anonymous.
  • Emergency: 911: Used for emergencies only. Do not hang up until the dispatcher tells you to. Please remember that 911 is for emergency situations only and you may be asked to call back on a non-emergency number.
  • General Police Information: 301-600-2101: This number reaches a civilian Information Clerk who can answer questions and concerns as well as take some types of reports.
  • Non-emergency: 301-600-2100: Used for reporting routine incidents such as thefts, non-injury accidents, disturbances, concerns, etc. When you dial this number, you will reach a phone tree or you can dial zero for a dispatcher.
  • Text Crime Tips to 240-674-8477