Web Mapping

The City of Frederick GIS Department maintains a number of interactive web mapping applications for use by both City employees and citizens collectively known as SpiresGIS. These applications allow users to find specific information such as property zoning and plat information as well as print custom paper maps.

These mapping applications were developed using ESRI's Javascript Application Programming Interface in conjunction with ESRI's ArcServer. More applications are under development, and will be listed on this page in the near future.

For Best Results

For best results when using these mapping applications you will need a high speed internet connection, an updated internet browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, and a screen resolution of at least 1024 by 768. In most cases pop up blockers will cause errors and you should turn them off for these applications.

Available Mapping Applications

The table lists available mapping applications and descriptions of each. Please view the terms of use before using any of these mapping applications, view the terms.

GeneralProvides access to basic city geographic data including aerial imagery, floodplains, zoning, and plat information
Geodetic ControlSearch for geodetic control information through the city and find documentation on each control point
Road ClosuresFind current and future road closings planned for the City of Frederick. Maryland Department of Transportation Application
Development DatabaseFind Development projects in the City
TreeKeeperFind information about Street Trees in the City of Frederick. Created by Davey