Red Light Cameras

Overview of the Program

The City of Frederick began photo enforcement of red light violations in 2005 as a part of its multifaceted approach to traffic safety. Currently, there are 9 intersections that are monitored for red-light violations. As of December 31, 2012 over 48,000 violations have been recorded by the cameras installed at these intersections. Each intersection that is monitored by a red light camera is marked with a sign that states Red Light Photo Enforced. The locations of these intersections, as well as violation statistics for each, is periodically released to the media. 


  • E Patrick Street and Monocacy Boulevard
  • E South Street and SE Street
  • Eastbound Route 40 at Hillcrest Drive
  • Motter Avenue and W 7th Street
  • Opossumtown Pike and Thomas Johnson Drive
  • W South Street and Center Street
  • W South Street and Ice Street
  • W South Street and Jefferson Street
  • Southbound North East Street @ East Third Street