Scoop the Poop Pledge

About the Pledge

Dog poop left on the ground does not fertilize the ground or just magically disappear. It is picked up by storm water runoff and runs into our local waterways including Carroll Creek, Tuscarora Creek, and the Monocacy River. This water is not treated or cleaned before it enters the creeks and rivers, so pet waste is a significant contributor to water pollution. It also presents health risks to humans and pets. 

Pet waste carries bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can make people, especially children, sick. You can make a difference by making this pledge and encouraging others to make it too!

By signing this pledge, your promise always to clean up after your dog. You are helping to keep The City of Frederick's creeks, streams, and rivers clean!

Sign the Pledge

Who Has Taken the Pledge

Stephanie and Martin FordBella and Harper
Carol Baker and John OlinskiOakley
Monica Davis
Patty LittelWinston and Georgie
Vicky GreenawaltLayla and Blue
NancyTeddy and Millie
Daniel DupreBinky and Buttons
Melissa StarinskyBoomer
The Jameson FamilyMary
Patricia HaylesChloe
The Spence FamilyBrooks
The Schell FamilyBella
The Cregger FamilyGeorge, Sparkle, Rico, Elsa, and Chewy
Kelly ColwellPogo and Kiwi
Marilyn MarshallZusi
Cheryl and Andy RadcliffeMaizie
Larkin Ray HarrisHeidi
Bruce and Melissa AlbaughZoey
Vikky CaulkinsVee and Dandie
Thomas FrezzaLacy and Sawyer
Walewski & King HouseholdCoco and Maddie
Hale FamilyDakota
Kari FamilyJeter
Weed/Johnson FamilyRolex
Kirsten and Chase TydingsChelsea and Spanky
Janet MakowskiEmily
Rose GellerZoey
Amber EliaLucy
LouWanna FrenchCookie and Tonka
Sarah KurtanichChandler
Tammy SchuchLucas
Elizabeth BrownKaia
Susan StoreyEvi, Lil, and Jigs
Jull RakowiczChelsea
Andrea CusteadLexi
Carlotta JoynerSusie
The Brownlow FamilyZeus
The Thomas FamilyBella
Nancy FamaAnnie
Leesa NoomanChewie
Margery KarbelingBuck
Monica BoltonKane & Romeo
Margaret StraltonBobby
Michelle Johnson & FamilyJax
The Hutchinson FamilyLola
Ronda StewartSnowy & Max
Fran CrossJackie Chan, Princess Buttercup, General Teddy Grahams and Pete
The Tresslet FamilyCookie
Schoo FamilyChaci
Tim and Mindy DavisRipley
Pilar Olivo and Geordie WilsonSedro-Woolley Wilson-Olivo
Michele OttMinnie
Sarah McAleavyDaisy
Michelle PetersonDakota
Silvia YacoubianLulu and Cosmo
Donald HarverLilly
Kevin CristHarper
Big Yellow Dog Pet ServicesEldin and Lula
Jeffrey FroudeBobby
Eve TaglangCayenne
Danielle KoehlerCali
Brandie BrownerValco
Layla BotwinikDecker
Lois PruittMilo
Diane PaulyLily
Karen SaylorAce
Kimberley CrutchfieldLucy
Doree & Tim MilesChloe
The More FamilyCali
Michelle MitchellBlue
Sharon ZukYaho
Amber GougeCoCo
Mary KearneyPrincess
Salvador RodriguezKoKo
Hope RobertsAmos
Patrick LundgrenChewey
Christine SchleusenerHelio
Tameka McNealSmokey & Bandit
S. RadtkeTinkerbell
Sue PattonMolly & Lilly
Jean O'ConnorBlue
Brenda ZeitelsBubba, Harley, & Cotton
Janet HowellHaze
Linda DespeauxSophie and Eli
Pam DavisMadison
Lauren WoodLouie
Alexis FellowsSebastian
Dawn VolzKodiak and Chicky
Pia GurezWalnut
Jeff MarakovitzNoelle
David and Shannon HarrisonRiley and Kuddah
Colin SimpsonJaxx
Krista EbyJake and Rocco
Bridget SantmyerEmily
Nadia LeeBruce and Tucker
Jen CadyCoco
Sarah ShulmanNina
Kelli GoetzSparky
Patty McDonaldKoda and Luke
Kevin HallTravis, Addie, & Gretchen
Larraine MoralesRocky
Emma MonroeSteve
Sherrell LakeScraps, Xena, Chyna, Chino, & Athena
Stephanie MaynardEmma and Grover
Lynsay CoxRocky
Joy PlunkardChet and Roxy
David BenjaminLatasha
Steve and Shelly HaskerTJ, Reesie, & Diamon
James HeathAll my Dogs
Jason MadrigaleRosco, Layla, & Lulu
Lydia GiffordHarley and Minion
Sandy ShellGizmo
Tammy DanjouBlue
Daniel Holmes and Susan ElizabethShelby
Barb SellersBrutus and Patches
Monica ThompsonBlue
Diana PescePrincess
Jason PuffenbargerKaos
Cyerra MyersLennox and Dallas
Shelli GiardinoLuna
Tracy WilliamsTanner, Brody, Cocoa, & Fosters
Kendra LeaseTip and Raider
Jennifer ClineRosie and Gracie
Jeff and Kristina HinesJade
Devon MakridesAchilles
Kathy PittmanKole and Noel
R. WilkinsonShag and Scout
Mike VaughnCookie
Anne WarnockMatilda
Wilson MannWrigley
Lucia Bowes HallLuna
Octavia BradfordSheba
Phyllis BeersMiles and Mason
Scott WaxterRingo and Daisy
Joe AdkinsIzzy
Maria HigginsAbby
Hayden DukeUzi
Troy WeaverMargie
John KirkpatrickFrankie
Pat and Beth UlensDusty
Diana and Joe HallemanScruffy
Karen YoungYitzhak, Andy, Poppy
Angie BrownMakenna
Cheryl and Andy RadcliffeMaizie
Marilyn and Ben MarshallZusi
Pam ReppertEmma and Fergie
Hannah MurrayBean
Ginnie SulcerSpice
Emily HansrothDoser
Timothy S MayBud and Molly
Mike CorriganBailey
John DaniesSamantha
Chuck and Cheryl RamsburgTucker and Teddy
Cheryl StrafellaSuzie
Alan FeinbergPrincess and Portia
Donna FoldenOdie and Bailey
Tim and Doree Lynn MilesCharlie and Graham Cracker
Donna GoffLondon
Michael, Tammy, Clare and Erin O'ConnorZoe and Raven
Dan PattonJoe