Isn’t this just a mechanism to generate more money?
While revenue will be generated because there are, unfortunately, those who will choose to speed, revenue generation is not the primary motivator for this initiative. Safe kids, safe streets, and a safe motoring public is our goal. There is one easy way to defeat speed cameras…don’t speed. The program will be evaluated continuously and adjustments made as necessary and/or appropriate. Success will actually be measured in a reduction in violations, reductions in average speeds, and consequently a reduction in revenue!

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1. What is this all about?
2. Why do we need speed monitoring systems?
3. Isn’t this just a mechanism to generate more money?
4. How does the system work?
5. How do you know I was driving the vehicle when it was speeding?
6. I have heard there is no way to fight these tickets. Is this true?
7. What happens to my license and insurance if I pay the ticket or I am found guilty in court?
8. What is the maximum fine?
9. Are these “speed traps?”