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Parade/Walk/Race Application*

  1. Application to Conduct Parade/Walk-A-Thon/Race Within Frederick City Limits Public Area or Public Right of Way.
  2. Applications will only be processed, and permits issued if the event/activity adheres to mass gathering and capacity guidelines as issued by the State, County, and City.  Users are encouraged to practice physical distancing, wear a mask when unable to socially distance, and practice proper hand hygiene.

  3. Current Requirements

    Only posted, City pre-approved routes will be permitted.  No special routes permitted. Preapproved Routes and additional Parade, Walk Race information may be viewed on the City's website: .   COMPLETE APPLICATION PACKETS AND NONREFUNDABLE APPLICATION FEE MUST BE SUBMITTED 90 DAYS PRIOR TO PROPOSED DATE OF EVENT.

    AS OF JUNE 1, 2023 - Nonrefundable application fee for Parade ($200), Walk ($50) or Race ($100) must be submitted along with ALL paperwork, prior to event date being secured, or review of application packet.  Once Office Manager receives the online application packet, applicant will be contacted to remit NONREFUNDABLE application fee.  Additional fees for park amenities, or City permits may be required prior to permit issuance. 

  4. Please read entire document and complete in its entirety, attaching all information requested. Event date will not be secured, and review of request will not begin until NONREFUNDABLE application fee, and required documents have been received. Please contact if you have any questions, and/or to check date availability for event and any other park areas requested prior to submitting application packet. 

  5. Please attach Certificate of Insurance naming ‘The City of Frederick’, 101 N Court Street, Frederick MD 21701 as the holder and additional insured in the amount of one million general liability and two million aggregate

  6. Organization Mailing Address:
  7. Applicant/Contact's Mailing Address (If different from Main Organization Info)
  8. Animal participants require additional insurance and information. 

  9. Will there be a DJ? Band?
  10. Petting zoos, inflatables, generators, water slides, and special activities may require proof of insurance from the vendor, or other information.   ALL EQUIPMENT DELIVERY AND PICKUP TO OCCUR WITHIN YOUR RESERVATION TIMEFRAME.

  11. Reservations of additional park areas and additional fees may apply.   Reserved park amenities will be unlocked/turned on by Park staff during the seasonal work shift.  (Normal workshifts begin at 6 am Memorial Day thru Labor Day, and 7 am the remainder of the year).  ALL EVENT EQUIPMENT DELIVERY/PICKUP TO OCCUR WITHIN YOUR RESERVATION TIMEFRAME.

  12. Will there be ANY sales? This includes applicant, vendors, and/or mobile (ex: food truck) for sales of food/beverage/merchandise. NOTE no sales or mobile vendors permitted in HIstoric Preservation district which includes Baker Room 1
  13.  A vendor/peddler permit (additional fee) will be required from the Building Department for any sales.  Mobile vendors  and/ or alcohol sales are not permitted within the Historic Preservation District..   Alcohol is not permitted in City parks without a waiver from the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.  The waiver process is a multi-month process, and additional permits/licenses may be required at additional cost.   No waivers granted for alcohol sales in the Historic Preservation District.

  14. SEE Sec. 18-10 attached.
  15. All Parades & 5Ks must submit proof of traffic control, 45 days prior to permit issuance.

  16. SEE Sec. 18-11 attached and #4 in policies. Parades and 5K races must obtain services and provide proof to Office Manager 45 days prior to event, to ensure safe and secure road closings, road crossings and route security

  17. Reserved Parking

    Reserved parking permit must be obtained from parking department, 301.600.1429.  Additional fees may apply. 

  18. If you wish to use the drivegate (no fee) it must be reserved. Drivegate is not accessible if fields are wet. Vehicles may load and unload equipment at the bandshell only. Vehicles may not remain parked there.
  19. Name & contact info for two (2) people to act as Event Representatives during the event:
  20. Issuance of a permit will reserve the above-referenced facility for the exclusive use of the user holding the permit. The facility is subject to inspection by any authorized representative of The City of Frederick in order to assure proper use of City property, including but not limited to compliance with any state or local regulations or orders pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic. The permit must be in the possession of the user to whom it is issued and shown upon request to any authorized representative of the City. The user agrees to abide by all procedures, policies, and rules governing use of the facility. The user is responsible for the conduct of its invitees and guests, and hereby agrees to keep the facility in good repair during its use thereof. In the event that any invitee or guests of the user causes damage to the facility, the user hereby agrees to pay any costs incurred by the City in repairing such damage. The user is further responsible for any loss, damage or injury to any and all personal property that it or its agents, representatives, invitees or guests, may bring to, store at, or leave at the facility. The user agrees to release the City from any and all civil liability relating to any accident, injury, loss, or damage occurring in connection with the use of the facility, including but not limited to the contracting of COVID-19, and will indemnify the City from third-party claims in connection with such use.*
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