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Cab Driver Application

  1. Please complete the application below. All fields are required. Any application not fully completed may be rejected and returned for proper completion. Should any answer(s) require additional space, continue on the text box at the bottom of the application.

    An approved permit is $50. The renewal fee is $25. All permits expire on June 30 in the second calendar year after issuance.

  2. Applicant Information

  3. Addresses for the past 2 years (Street address, city, state, ZIP Code)

  4. Criminal History
  5. Have you ever been convicted of any crime(s) (including DWI, DUI, etc.)*

  6. Have you ever been on supervised probation or parole:*

  7. Have you ever been on unsupervised probation, or received Probation Before Judgment (PBJ):*

  8. License Information

  9. Have you had a driver’s license in any other state or country in the last 10 years?*

  10. Has your driver’s license or privilege to drive a motor vehicle ever been revoked, suspended, cancelled, or refused anywhere?*

  11. Employment History
  12. Employment for the past 2 years, beginning with the most recent and including any periods of unemployment:

  13. Alcohol and Drug Use
  14. Do you drink alcoholic beverages?*

  15. Have you used illegal drugs within the last 2 years?*

  16. In order to receive Phase 1 (preliminary) approval, you must bring with this application:

  17. If your application and background check pass Phase 1 (preliminary) approval, you will be notified in writing to submit the following documents within 15 days of that notice. You may, but are not required to, submit them at the same time as the documents listed above.

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