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Bulk Trash Collection

  1. City of Frederick Residents Only
  2. Collection Type*
  3. If no email, please enter n/a
  4. Please enter a detailed list of items to be collected.
  5. Acceptable Items
    Furniture; Appliances; Bicycles; Large Toys / Swing Sets; Mattress & Box Springs (3 per household); Push Mowers, Weed Eaters, and Trimmers (fluids must be removed), Grills (tanks must be removed). All items must be 6' or less in length.
  6. DPW staff will contact you with a confirmed collection day - do not set items out until your collection day has been scheduled. Comfirmation of collection day will be sent to the email you provided.

    Please check your spam/junk mail for responses if you do not hear from us.

  7. For questions please call the DPW Sanitation Department at 301-600-1680 or 301-600-1377.
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